D0939/D0940: Illinois River Mallard Pair, Circa 1940s

Very nice pair of Illinois River mallards by Charles Schoenheider, Jr., of Peoria, Illinois, circa 1940s. They are in excellent original detailed feather paint by Millie Graves, wife of fellow Peoria carver Bert Graves. Each hollow-bodied decoy measures 16” in length with especially well detailed bill carving. The decoys generally show light wear other than some flaking along the body seam of the drake. The hen is an especially nice example by this carver.

Price: $1400.00

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D0936: Fine Virginia Pintail Drake, Circa 1970s

Exceptionally well-executed and life-like decorative hollow-bodied pintail drake by Jack T. James, Jr. (1935-1982) of Hopewell, Virginia, circa 1970s. With its head turned slightly to the right and measuring 20" in length from the tip of the bill to the tip of the sprig tail and standing 7.5" high at the head, the decoy is expertly crafted with an overall feather texture, raised secondaries and inserted raised primaries. It is in mint condition other than for a small chip to the edge of one of the primaries. The detailed feather paint includes fine vermiculation on the back and sides. James was a frequent entrant in the Ward World Championships from the mid to late 1970s where his pintail decoys were particularly well received.

Price: $395.00

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D0920: Mason Glass-Eyed Mallard Drake, Circa 1910

Mason Standard Grade glass-eye mallard drake, Mason Factory, Detroit, Michigan. Circa 1910. The decoy is in well detailed original paint with moderate wear but appears to have had a coat of wax or varnish removed. The original neck filler is intact with some cracking. The eyes have both been replaced as well.

Price: $250.00

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D0929: Rare Delaware River Canada Goose Decoy, Charles Allen, Circa 1940

Rare Delaware River Canada goose decoy by Charles Allen (1893-1985), Bordentown, New Jersey, circa 1940. As the few Canada geese that migrated down the Delaware would decoy to black duck rigs, goose decoys were seldom made by carvers from this region. Those few that exist were made by Allen and a small handful of other carvers including John Blair and John McLoughlin. Allen meticulously painted his decoys in a classic style, often applying five to eight coats. A big, bold glass-eyed decoy in original paint, it is solid-bodied with sharply carved shoulder and wing outlines and crossed and raised wingtips. Measuring 25" from tip of bill to tip of tail, it is signed "Charles Allen, Bordentown, N. J.", possibly by Allen, and dated 1940 on the base of the decoy. There are several tight cracks in the neck, an age split running the length of the back and a small split in the breast. The original leather line tie and pad weight remain.

Price: $850.00

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D0900: Vintage Stick-Up Mallard Decoy, Long Island, New York

Mallard drake decoy by an unknown carver from Long Island, New York, circa 3rd quarter, 20th century. The glass-eyed decoy is in excellent original polychrome paint with a some chipping and minor wear. The body is laminated in three horizontal plies with carved wing outlines.

Price: $195.00

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M370: Wildfowler-Style Redhead Drake Decoy, Richard & Marion Harris

Three-quarter scale Wildfowler-style decorative redhead drake by Richard and Marion Harris, Harris Wild Duck Decoys, Old Saybrook, Connecticut, circa 1960. The Harris's worked for Wildfower for 25 years, he as a carver and she as a painter, until the company moved to Quogue, Long Island, in the winter of 1957-1958. The solid-bodied carving, made of high grade Eastern white pine, is in excellent original paint other than for touchup at a tight and stable crack through the neck. One of the glass eyes is cracked but otherwise intact. The bird measures 11" in length, 4 3/4" in width and stands 5" tall at the head. As was characteristic of their work, black paint was used to indicate the separation of the bill and face. As was less common but seen in a few of their carvings, the margin between the face and bill was also wood-burned. A similar example can be seen on page 161 of Wildfowler Decoys by Dick Cowan and Dick LaFountain.

Price: $150.00

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D0912: Phil Jones Canada Goose Decoy, Circa 1950s

Very nice lesser Canada or cackling goose decoy by Phil Jones of Bellingham, Washington. In original condition, the decoy is hollow and appears to be constructed from some kind of fabric applied over a wooden framework and then coated with fiberglass. Think of a George Boyd canvas-covered Canada goose encapsulated in a protective coating of fiberglass. Jones worked for Inflite Boat Works, a company founded in Bellingham in 1957, that originally made small fiberglass boats. Apparently, Jones made this decoy in the late 50s to early 60s using the construction skills learned at the boat works. A small decoy, it only measures about 20” in length, 7.5” in width and stands about 8” high at the head. There is a wooden bottom board concealed under the fiberglass and fabric coating. A wooden head is covered in the same manner. As for the body, I can’t tell whether it was molded over a removable and reusable form or over a skeletal framework that remains in place. From their weight (only about 1 lb, 12 oz each), I’m thinking molded. As for the “paint”, I believe it is very possible that the fiberglass itself was colorized and “painted” on, although the detailed feather paint may have been applied before the fiberglass was applied. It is also possible that both techniques were used to achieve the original finish. The raised and crossed wingtips have a bit of flex to them and appear to have been made using very thin wooden lathe as a base. A very durable and serviceable decoy!

Price: $325.00

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D0914: High-Head California (?) Pintail Decoy, Circa 2Q, 20C

Very nice high-head pintail drake decoy with painted eyes, believed to be from California, circa 2nd quarter, 20th century. The decoy is in detailed dry original paint with speckled sides and back, Nike "swoosh" feather paint on the back and some light crazing. There is an old, tight crack to the upper neck and a slight separation at the neck seam; however, the bird is in otherwise excellent structural condition, including the sprig tail. Expertly carved, the wing tips are deeply incised and raised.

Price: $550.00

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