D0916: Early New Jersey Robin Snipe Decoy, Circa Late 1800s

Very appealing robin snipe decoy with painted eyes by an unknown New Jersey carver, circa late 1800s. Painted in the species' winter plumage this small (8 1/2" bill tip to tail tip and 2" wide) full-bodied shorebird is in original feather paint and retains its original bill and is in excellent overall structural condition with the exception of a small chip at the tip of the tail.

Price: $1295.00

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D0907: Harry V. Shourds Robin Snipe Decoy

Excellent robin snipe with painted eyes by Harry V. Shourds, Tuckerton, New Jersey, circa late 19th to early 20th century. Measuring 9" in length and about 2 1/4" in thickness, this full-bodied little bird in breeding plumage is in original paint showing only light flaking and wear. The original bill has had a professional repair by Russ Allen to replace a sliver off the bottom of the bill (see last two photos for "before" and "after" photos) with touch up to that area. There is an owner's mark, a stylized "A", etched into the paint below the stick hole. SALE PENDING

Price: $3875.00

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D0904: Rare Chief Cuffee Ringneck Plover Decoy, Circa 1915

A very rare example of a semipalmated or ringneck plover by Eugene "Chief" Cuffee (1866-1941), Easthampton, Long Island, New York, Circa 1915. The decoy, which is a seldom-found species by any maker, measures 8.5” in length. It is in intricate original feather paint with carved eyes and extended wingtips and retains its original bill. Cuffee was a Native American from the Shinnecock Reservation outside Easthampton. Recent research (See Decoy Magazine, Nov/Dec 2003) regarding these decoys suggests that William Henry Bennett (1867-1954), also of Easthampton, was the carver of the decoys rather than Cuffee. I don't have a dog in this fight! Stand included.

Price: $2295.00

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D0883: Early New Jersey Ruddy Turnstone Decoy

A simple but effective ruddy turnstone decoy by an unknown maker from the New Jersey coast, circa 1st quarter, 20th century. The “flattie” is approximately 1-1/2” thick and measures 9-1/2” in length. In original paint, it exhibits the specie’s breeding plumage. Stand not included.

Price: $135.00

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M362: Leo McIntosh Preening Yellowlegs Decoy

Fine carving of a preening "blind" yellowlegs by Leo H. McIntosh (1953 - 2007), Stony Creek Decoys, Woodville, New York, 1990. Recognized as one of the best contemporary carvers before his untimely death, Leo apprenticed with Ken Harris for five years before founding Stony Creek Decoys. The decoy is done in an antiqued finish with Seaford style “S” shoulder/wing carving. It has raised wing tips, measuring 8” from tail tip to breast, and is in near mint condition with only extremely minor rubs to the wing tips and on the breast (see third and fourth photos). “L. H. McIntosh, 1990, Woodville, N.Y.” is cold-stamped around the stick hole on the bottom of the bird. “Yellow Leg” has been hand lettered on the bottom of the base.

Price: $975.00

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D0880: Rare Red-Backed Sandpiper Decoy, Circa Late 1800s

Excellent early and rare full-bodied red-backed or spotted sandpiper decoy, maker and origin unknown, circa late 1800s. Measuring 8-1/2" from the tip of the bill to the end of the tail and approximately 1-3/4" in diameter, it is in original paint and retains what are most likely its original iron legs. The iron bill is a professional replacement. The slight reddish undertone of the paint on the back, along with overall size of the decoy and its bill, suggest that it was intended to be a red-backed sandpiper (dunlin). There are several tight cracks in its head, and the decoy has been lightly hit by shot, otherwise the structural condition is excellent. Rusted remnants of the shanks of tacks or nails which were used as the eyes remain. Stand included.

Price: $425.00

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D0641: Nantucket island Golden Plover Decoy, Circa Late 1800s

Solid-bodied, split-tailed golden plover decoy with carved eyes in summer plumage by an unknown carver from Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, circa 4th quarter, 19th century. The decoy is in original paint except for the bill which is a professional replacement. Structurally excellent, the bird has the letter "H" carved in its bottom and has been lightly hit by shot. It measures 10" in length. Stand not included.

Price: $1395.00

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D0712: Massachusetts Feeding Lesser Yellowlegs Decoy

Lesser yellowlegs shorebird decoy in rare feeding position by an unknown carver from Massachusetts, circa 1st quarter of the 20th century. The split-tailed decoy with hat pin eyes is in original paint, showing minor wear with a small amount of flaking. Flat-sided and carved from balsa wood, it is just over 9" long and is 1.75" thick. Other than the bill which appears to be a well done older replacement, the decoy is in excellent structural condition. New England shorebirds in original paint of this style and vintage are quite difficult to find! Stand not included.

Price: $575.00

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