D0981: Rare Root Head Long Island Yellowlegs, Adele Earnest Collection

Rare and exceptional Adele Earnest collection root head lesser yellowlegs decoy with nicely rounded body from Long Island, New York, circa late 3Q, 19C to early 4Q, 19C. In worn old paint, heavily hit by shot, with a small chip at tip of tail which has been drilled for a carrying string, an old remnant of which remains. The head with tip of bill is missing is turned sharply to the right. The wing outlines are lightly carved into the body and raised. The decoy measures just over 8” in length. Lot #865 from Guyette & Schmidt auction of the Adele Earnest Collection, April 1993. Stamped "Adele Earnest Collection" on bottom. Stand included.

Price: $3500.00

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D0980: New Jersey Greater Yellowlegs Or Willet Shorebird Decoy, Circas Early 1900s

Greater yellowlgs or willet decoy by an unknown New Jersey carver, circa early 1900s. The decoy is probably in a mixture of original with old working overpaint on the light areas with detailed feathering and carved wing outlines. It is lightly hit by shot on theright side and has a professionally replaced bill. Slightly flat-sided but with well rounded edges, the decoy is a full two inches in thickness and measures 13 inches from tip of bill to tip of tail. Stand included.

Price: $475.00

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D0976: Folky Hook-Billed New Jersey Hudsonian Curlew, Circa 4Q, 19C

Hudsonian curlew with folky hooked bill by an unknown New Jersey maker, possibly from the Cape May area, circa 4th quarter, 19th century. Measuring approximately 12-1/4" in length and 1-3/4" in thickness, the decoy is in worn original condition with painted eyes. The bill may be original oran excellent professional replacement. There is an old label on the bottom of the decoy that reads, "Hudson Curlew, N. J." Stand included

Price: $1395.00

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D0971: Early Long Island Mourning Dove Decoy

Very early mourning dove decoy from Long Island, New York, circa late 1800s to early 1900s, attributed to the same maker as the passenger pigeon decoy pictured in Tom Marshall’s Dedication to American Decoys by Quintina Colio (See last photo attached). The decoy is flat-sided, measuring 10” in length and a full 1” in thickness. It is in original paint other than some old in-use touchup to some chipping and blunting to the tip of the decoy's tail and touch up to a bill repair to remnants of the original bill which was splined through the head. This, too, was characteristic of the bills of many area shorebirds from the same period. Again typical of Long island, the wings are outlined in a heart-shaped pattern. The eyes are painted although there is a small hole drilled in the area of the left eye that may be the result of a later incomplete attempt to add glass or bead eyes. This decoy was Lot #343 in the Richard W. Oliver/Ward Museum October 1-2, 1994, auction, described as "A wonderful early dove decoy in old original paint in excellent condition, even to the painted eye. Incised wing and shoulder carving. Bill is an old replacement." Estimated at $500 - $600, it sold for $575 plus a 10% buyers premium. Stand included.

Price: $750.00

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D0949: Dowitcher Decoy, Theodore Rogers Rig, Jamaica Bay, Circa 1875

Rare and excellent early dowitcher decoy in an unusual wedge shape from the Theodore Rogers rig, Jamaica Bay, Long Island, New York, circa 1875. The 11" long decoy is in strong original paint with very minor wear and retains its original splined bill. It is branded "T. Rogers" on the bottom. Rogers, a banker in New york City, was a member of numerous gunning clubs, including the Jamaica Club, The Bellport Gun Club, the Aldine Club and the Lyndach Club. Ex-collection, Charlie Hunter III. Stand included.

Price: $4675.00

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D0961: Unusual “Flapping” Black-Bellied Plover Decoy

Unusual “flapping" black-bellied plover mechanical decoy by an unknown maker, probably New England area. Measuring 11" from tip of bill to tip of tail, the decoy is in weathered original paint with light flaking and retains its original bill. A tug on the string by the hunter caused the wire framework to rotate around a fulcrum pegged through the decoy's shoulders, raising and lowering the leather wings, thus adding a realistic motion to a rig of decoys. Stand included.

Price: $650.00

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D0941: Early Unknown Yellowlegs Decoy, Long Island

Very nice yellowlegs decoy by an unknown carver from Long Island, New York, circa late 1800s. The painted-eye decoy with typical Seaford school carved wing and shoulder outlines and an excellent patina was hand-whittled without benefit of power tools and has clearly seen knife cuts. It is in strong original paint other than at the bill which is a well done professional replacement and for tiny dabs of paint to strengthen the painted eyes. It is 2" thick and measures 11" from tip of bill to tip of tail. The initials "RLS", probably a prior owner, are burned into the bottom of the bird. Additionally, the letters "HOMO" are also punched into the bottom. There are two slightly smaller holes punched into the bottom to the lower left of the left leg of the "H" that could represent a "J" as well, making the letters "JHOMO". Stand included.

Price: $795.00

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D0916: Early Shourds Sanderling Decoy, Circa Late 1Q, 20C

Very appealing sanderling decoy with painted eyes from Tuckerton, New Jersey, circa 1st quarter, 20th century. Soon-to-be published research by Jimmy and Debbie Allen in which a photo of this decoy will be included reveals that it was carved by Johnny Shourds, the younger brother of Harry V. Shourds. The full-bodied shorebird is in original feather paint and retains its original bill and is in excellent overall structural condition with the exception of a small chip at the tip of the tail. Stand included.

Price: $2500.00

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