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D0975: Feeding Wood Pigeon, Scotland, Circa 1900

Very sculpturesque tucked-head feeding wood pigeon decoy with painted eyes by an unknown carver, circa 1900. This decoy was found outside of Perth, Scotland, where it was hunted along the River Tay. The decoy is in well patinated original paint and retains its original bill. The decoy, only the second I’ve seen by this maker, is unusually large with a length of almost 16" and has the same hollow recess drilled and chiseled into its belly as the other example I’ve seen, possibly to reduce its weight. While most wood pigeon decoys were made in England itself, pigeons were and are hunted in Scotland as well, and it is very possible that this decoy was made by a heretofore unknown but very talented Scottish carver.

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D0979: Footed English Wood Pigeon Decoy, Circa 2Q, 20C

Footed English wood pigeon decoy with glass eyes, deeply carved wing outlines and raised wingtips by an unknown maker, circa 2Q, 20C. It is most unusual in that it has carved legs and feet. The original paint is protected by a coat of varnish. The bird is not balanced enough to stand on its own. Instead, it has a drilled stick hole which allows it to be set in the ground with feet touching earth, but not truly providing support. I really don't know what to make of this carving! Measuring 81/2" from bill to tail, it is definitely on the small side for a decoy, yet everything else says "Decoy!" The paint pattern is the correct breeding plumage and there is a metal "vane" nailed to the bottom that swivels around for some unknown purpose. However, the vane has worn a circular path in the bottom of the bird, so its purpose involves motion rather than stability. There are initials in the bottom under the tail, what appears to be an "M" and a "C". While it is possible that it is a reduced scale decorative carving (although I doubt it), I have yet to see any other vintage decorative pigeon carving. I do believe it is simply an undersized decoy. Stand included.

Price: $575.00

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D0978: Classic Louisiana Blue-Winged Teal, Circa 1930s-40s

Appealing blue-winged teal drake with worn painted eyes by an unknown Louisiana carver, circa 1930s-40s. Reminiscent of the work of Nicole Vidacovitch with relief carved wings, a carved nail and a similar tail form, it probably is from the New Orleans area. This decoy is pictured in Plate 513, page 275, “Decoys” by Gene and Linda Kangas. Carved from cypress and showing light to moderate wear with tight age splits in the back and bottom, it is in original paint other than for touchup paint to a neck repair. Slightly oversized at 14.5” in length, the decoy was carved in an animated swimming attitude with the head canted forward and down and turned slightly to the left. The name “BOB” is painted in red on the bottom of the decoy.

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M390: Carved Miniature Songbird, Circa 2nd Half, 20th C

Carved miniature songbird by an unknown maker, circa 2nd half, 20th century. Meauring 3 1/4” in length, the carving is in excellent original paint. It has glass eyes, carved primaries with outlined wings and a fluted tail.

Price: $125.00

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M389: Rare Rainbow Trout Fish Decoy, Leo McIntosh, Woodville, New york

Rare rainbow trout fish decoy by Leo H. McIntosh (1953 - 2007), Stony Creek Decoys, Woodville, New York, circa 1990s. Recognized as one of North America's best contemporary carvers before his untimely death, Leo apprenticed with Ken Harris for five years before founding Stony Creek Decoys. The decoy has a carved mouth and gills, a tail textured with finely carved rays, inserted tin fins and glass eyes. Measuring 9” in length, the carving is in near-mint condition with a beautifully executed and very detailed paint pattern. “Leo H. McIntosh" is incised under the head of the fish, just forward of the inset belly weight. SOLD

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D0928: Unknown English Wood Pigeon Decoy,Circa Mid-20th Century

One of a striking rig of decoys by an unknown carver, circa late 2nd to early 3rd quarter of the 20th century. They were found in and are possibly from Suffolk, UK. The carver made these decoys in a number of different poses and sizes, leading me to the conclusion that they were made without pattern. I had originally thought that these decoys were made by a hunter for his own use, but I‘ve now seen enough examples to suggest that they could be a small volume commercial product. The bills on these decoys were crafted from nylon or a similar synthetic material rather than wood or cast metal. Measuring 15” in length, it is in original paint that has developed a very pleasing patina. Stand included. SOLD

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D0980: Mason Premier "Back Bay" Bluebill

Mason Factory Premier "Back Bay" bluebill hen decoy, Detroit, Michigan, circa 1915. These oversized (19" L x 7.5" W x 7.5" H), flat-bottomed, solid-bodied decoys with Premier heads were made for use in the Back Bay area of Virginia where they were subjected to the roughest of conditions. Their rugged use resulted in very few surviving in original paint. This example is in a mixture original paint with some touchup, primarily around the neck area. Filler was added at the junction of the neck and body, perhaps by the factory in the making. There is a cast iron weight on the bottom that may have been made by one of the foundries in the Virginia/North Carolina area. The eyes, which do appear to be period Mason eyes, have either been reset or replaced. Overall, the decoy exhibits the wear to be expected from use in a harsh environment. Nonetheless, it is a very nice example in better-than-average condition for decoys of this model. SOLD

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