D0978: Verity-Style Red-Backed Sandpiper Decoy

Nicely done contemporary red-backed sandpiper by Jamie Reason, Mastic Beach, New York, done in the Verity style, circa 4th quarter, 20th century. The fat bodied bird has carved and painted eyes as well as deeply carved shoulders and wings typical of the Verity decoys of the late 1800s from Seaford, Long Island. The detailed original feather paint has been “aged’ nicely. It is signed on the bottom (see last photo) with what appears to be a “JR” above the letter “X” or Roman numeral X. The bill is original. The carving measures 7” from tip of bill to tip of tail. Stand included.

Price: $195.00

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M387: Exceptional Frank Finney Miniature Pheasant

Exceptional miniature pheasant rooster by Frank Finney, Cape Charles, Virginia, circa 4th quarter, 20th century. The carving (H 4”, L 8-1/4”) has carved primaries with a feather-carved tail and is in richly colored mint original feather paint with no damage or repairs. Frank’s stylized script “F” is carved into the bottom of the base. Frank is appropriately recognized as one of America’s premier contemporary carvers.

Price: $2250.00

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M386: Clapper Rail, Bill Keim, Neptune City, New Jersey, Dated 1977

Expertly detailed clapper rail by William "Bill" Keim, Neptune City, New Jersey, dated 1977 and signed “W. Keim” along with the species of bird and Keim’s address. The bird is intricately carved with primary, secondary and scapular feathering, dropped wing tips and overall feather texturing. With outstretched neck and its head turned 30 degrees to the left, it is in fine original paint other than for touchup at a professional bill repair. The wire-legged, glass-eyed carving stands 12-3/4" in height including the driftwood base. The rail itself is 11" long from tip of tail to tip of bill. Bill was a hunting partner of Charlie Birdsall, owner of Wildfowler's Point Pleasant and painted for the company in the 1970s.

Price: $350.00

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M385: Exceptional Full-Sized Woodcock, Circa 3Q, 20C

Exceptional woodcock carving mounted on a weathered wooden base, crafted by an unknown but extremely gifted maker, circa 3rd quarter, 20th century. It was found in Vermont and is most likely from that general area, to include all of New England plus New York. Overall, it measures 12.5” long x 7.5” high with the woodcock itself measuring 9” in length and 6.5” in height. The full-sized carving is in highly detailed and beautifully blended near-mint original feather paint with high quality glass taxidermy eyes and a well-detailed and partially open bill. It is unsigned.

Price: $1495.00

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M381: Early Miniature Massachusetts Feeding Willet

Miniature feeding willet or yellowlegs, circa 2nd quarter, 20th century. The carving bears a very close resemblance to a feeding willet by Tom Wilson (1863-1940), Ipswich, Massachusetts, pictured on page 21 of "Massachusetts Masters" published by the Ward Museum. This carving has raised and extended wingtips, carved wing outlines, an open bill and small taxidermy glass eyes. The legs are multiple strands of twisted wire. It has apparently been near a fire that somewhat damaged and discolored the paint, making it difficult to tell it’s true age.

Price: $225.00

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M380: Exceptional Miniature Pheasant, Joe Ahearn, Circa 1950

Near mint miniature cock pheasant by James Joseph "Joe" Ahearn, Stamford, CT, circa 1950. A striking combination of age and patina, this 9" carving is in vibrant and highly detailed original feather paint with glass eyes and wire legs with lead feet The pheasant measures 9" in length (tip of bill to tip of tail) and 6-1/2" in height including the birch log stand it is perched on. It is in excellent structural condition with no damage or repairs. It is unclear when Ahearn began carving although it is presumed that he started in the late 1930's, if not sooner. While Joe lived in the New York City area where he was a salesman for the National Cash Register Company he was known to have carved miniatures while on the road. At the onset of World War II, he and his wife moved to Stamford, Connecticut. The first documentation of his carvings being offered for sale is in the 1945-46 catalog of the Sporting Gallery and Bookstore in New York City. This catalog featured a wide selection of Ahearn's "functional hunter" and "sportsman oriented" items such as lamps, wall thermometers, letter openers, coat racks, tie racks, pipe racks, book ends and ashtrays in a variety of configurations. It was around this time that he also began offering his miniature carvings of waterfowl and upland game birds. One of the first and certainly the most important retailer to carry his carvings was the Crossroads of Sport store in New York City. They were enjoying a huge demand for A. J. King's miniatures and were more than eager to complement his products with another carver's work. Ahearn is featured in "Birds in Wood and Paint" by Joe Ellis. It is pictured in the foreground of the final photo with a half-scale pheasant by Ahearn (M325, not included but available separately) behind it.

Price: $650.00

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M378: Tom Schroeder Miniature Pheasant Carving, Circa 1940s

Excellent carving of a miniature cock pheasant in the form of a desk caddy or ashtray by Tom Schroeder (1885-1976) of Detroit, Michigan, circa 1940s. The pheasant with wire legs, measuring 5 1/2" from bill to tip of tail, is perched on a 4 1/2" diameter wooden well with felt on the bottom, designed to hold small items such as coins or paper clips. The piece stands 4 1/2” high, including the well base. It is in richly colored original detailed feather paint with a nice patina. The very tip of the bill has been repaired with touch up to the entire bill. There is also a tight crack in the neck of the bird.

Price: $375.00

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M021: Sarreguemines Majolica Oyster Plates

Excellent antique Majolica oyster plates from Sarreguemines in Lorraine, France. There are no chips, cracks or hairlines, but there is very fine age-related crazing which is common for majolica. Two plates are available. Each plate is unique, and intensity of color varies slightly. The scallop shell-shaped wells are edged in a sienna glaze, fading to a salmon color towards their centers. The scallops surround a raised center condiment well for sauce or lemons. The wells are arranged on a bed of seaweed glazed in a rich turquoise and lime green. The plates are 9 3/8" in diameter at their widest point. Each plate has 6 oyster wells and 1 central sauce well. Experts differ on age of plates ranging in opinion from 1890 to 1960. Price is per plate of your choice.

Price: $335.00

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