M375: R. D. Wilson Mini Canada Goose Decoy

Excellent miniature swimming Canada goose with its head reaching to the right by R. D. Wilson of Little Rock, Arkansas, signed, remarqued and dated 1990, along with the notation that the carving took first place in its class in the Pacific Southwest Waterfowl Association show that year. The carving measures 11 3/4" in length with highly detailed raised carving and feather paint. It is in original paint other than for touchup to a repair to the extended wing tips and to a small chip on the left edge of the tail. R. D., who began carving in 1985, became a full time carver in 1995, specializing in designing and making original contemporary antique style decoys and sporting art. SOLD

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B073: Gunnin' Birds by Kroghie Andresen

Difficult-to-find signed 1st edition copy of "Gunnin' Birds" by Kroghie Andresen in like new condition, featuring decoys from his personal collection. Published by Sparks Publications, January 1, 2008. An early decision to limit his collection to Back Bay, Virginia, and North Carolina decoys led to a very specialized collection. Andresen always tried to document the history and provenance of his decoys. The lack of information on many North Carolina decoys led him to research many previously unidentified carvers as well as those that are well known. This research and thirty years of collection decoys have culminated with this book. 388 pages. ISBN-10: 0615208975 ISBN-13: 978-0-615208978 SOLD

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M021: Sarreguemines Majolica Oyster Plates

Excellent antique Majolica oyster plates from Sarreguemines in Lorraine, France. There are no chips, cracks or hairlines, but there is very fine age-related crazing which is common for majolica. Two plates are available. Each plate is unique, and intensity of color varies slightly. The scallop shell-shaped wells are edged in a sienna glaze, fading to a salmon color towards their centers. The scallops surround a raised center condiment well for sauce or lemons. The wells are arranged on a bed of seaweed glazed in a rich turquoise and lime green. The plates are 9 3/8" in diameter at their widest point. Each plate has 6 oyster wells and 1 central sauce well. Experts differ on age of plates ranging in opinion from 1890 to 1960. Price is per plate of your choice.

Price: $335.00

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D0942: Torry Ward Preening Canada Goose Decoy

Fine and graceful hollow-bodied Canada goose decoy with glass eyes carved in a preening or sleeping pose by Torry Ward (1924-1990), Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, circa 1970s. Measuring 25" in length, this sleek carving is in excellent original paint with a pleasing patina. It is signed "Torry Ward" on the bottom.

Price: $1250.00

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D0943: New Jersey Yellowlegs Decoy, Circa 1900

Excellent full-bodied yellowlegs decoy by an unknown maker from New Jersey, circa late 1800s to early 1900s. The early carving is in original paint with minor wear to the high points. It has carved wing outlines and retains its original bill. The black glass eyes are unusual in that they appear to be in an elevated gem-like setting. The decoy is probably from the Cape May area. Stand included.

Price: $950.00

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M374: Matt Pierce Checkered Duck Call

Exceptionally nice duck call by Matt Pierce of Dos Palos, California. It is hand-made with overall raised panel checkering (eight panels each on the barrel and the stopper). The call is in perfect working order. SOLD

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M373: W. J. Ruppel Company Miniature Feeding Canada Goose

Excellent glass-eyed miniature feeding Canada goose by The W. J. Ruppel Company, Portland, Oregon, circa 3rd quarter, 20th century. Walter J. Ruppel (1902-1999) founded his company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, in the early to mid-1930s before moving to Portland in 1942 where he continued making decoys and miniatures until the 1990s. Many of his decoys were sold directly to customers, but he also provided decoys to Abercrombie & Fitch, VanLangerke & Antoine, Marshall Fields and the Gorky Co. He advertised in all of the national sporting magazines as well. His company will go down as one of the more successful factory decoy manufacturers. This balsa bird is in near-mint original condition with detailed feather paint and bill carving. It measures 7" in length and 3" in width. This carving retains a portion of an Abercrombie & Fitch decal. The bird was formerly in the collection of Mort Kramer collection and bears the collection stamp. SOLD

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D0941: Early Unknown Yellowlegs Decoy, Long Island

Very nice yellowlegs decoy by an unknown carver from Long Island, New York, circa late 1800s. The painted-eye decoy with typical Seaford school carved wing and shoulder outlines and an excellent patina was hand-whittled without benefit of power tools and has clearly seen knife cuts. It is in strong original paint other than at the bill which is a well done professional replacement and for tiny dabs of paint to strengthen the painted eyes. It is 2" thick and measures 11" from tip of bill to tip of tail. The initials "RLS", probably a prior owner, are burned into the bottom of the bird. Additionally, the letters "HOMO" are also punched into the bottom. There are two slightly smaller holes punched into the bottom to the lower left of the left leg of the "H" that could represent a "J" as well, making the letters "JHOMO". Stand included.

Price: $975.00

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