D0662/D0663: Yellowlegs Decoy Pair

Very nice pair of yellowlegs decoys, including a very rare preener, by an unknown carver from Connecticut, circa 4th quarter, 19th century. Formerly in the collection of Marguerite Riordan, a well known and highly respected antiques dealer/collector from Connecticut, known for her unerring taste in New England furniture and folk art. The decoys are in worn original paint with the original bills. Although flat-sided (1 5/8” thick), all edges are nicely rounded and blended into the overall form. Both are split-tailed with relief-carved wings. The preener measures 8 3/4” from tail tip to breast while the other measures 10 1/4”, bill tip to tail tip. Stands not included.

Price: $2950.00

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D0549. Ken Anger Black Duck Decoy

Early hollow-carved, glass-eyed black duck decoy with incised wing carving by Ken Anger of Dunnville, Ontario, circa 1930s. Anger was known as the “Rasp Master” for the pleasing finishing touches accomplished with that tool on his decoys. This black duck exemplifies that characteristic with rasp work over the entire decoy. Another Anger characteristic found in his decoys up until 1937 and present on this decoy, was the incised “Y” high on the back, behind the head. The bird is in original paint with moderate wear and has more deeply carved side pockets than normally seen on Ken’s work. It measures 17” in length. SOLD

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M201: Ernie Muehlmatt Carolina Wren with Chick

Mint and original life-sized carving of an adult Carolina wren with chick by Ernie Muehlmatt of Salisbury, MD. The wrens are in exceptionally fine paint with detailed feather carving and extremely life-like painted eyes. The overall height of the piece is 9". Signed and dated in ink on bottom, "By E.F. Muehlmatt, Carolina Wren, 2/75". Ernie, a three-time Ward World Champion carver and a member of the Carvers Hall of Fame, is a recognized master of life-size and miniature decorative wood sculpture. His work can be found in the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art and the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. SOLD

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