D0722: English Wood Pigeon Decoy

Well done English wood pigeon decoy by an unknown carver, circa 1930. Other than for touch-up to a bill repair, the decoy is in light to moderately worn original paint depicting the breeding plumage. Solid-bodied with glass eyes and deeply carved shoulders, it is in excellent structural condition other than the aforementioned bill repair. The bird measures approximately 15" from the tip of the bill to the tip of the tail. The stand 1s included. SOLD

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D0723: J. Zender Illinois River Green-Winged Teal Decoy

Rare hollow-bodied, tack-eyed green-winged teal hen decoy by Joseph A. Zender (1888 - 1960) of Chicago, Illinois, circa 1930s. The immaculately detailed and richly hued mint original feather paint of this outstanding decoy is protected by a light coat of varnish or other clear sealer. There is a very tight hairline crack on the right side of the bill near the decoy's face, otherwise the structural condition is excellent. Zender carved approximately 200 decoys over a period of roughly 15 years, beginning around 1929. An avid hunter, he was a member of the Peru Gun Club and shot over his decoys on some of the finest water the region had to offer. The bird measures 12" in length x 5.5" in width x 7" in height. In my mind, one of the finest Illinois River teal out there! SOLD

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M249: Frank Adams Miniature Mallard Drake Decoy Paperweight

Large size mallard drake decoy paperweight by Edward Francis "Frank" Adams (1871 - 1944) of West Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA, circa 1930s. The carving retains Adams' full paper label on the bottom which reads, "E. Frank Adams, Duck Paperweights, Marine Vanes, West Tisbury, Mass". There has been a professional repair to a break in the neck with touch up to that area. Other than a small area of flaking at the tip of the tail, the original paint is in excellent condition with soft feather painting. A favorite with folk art collectors, most of Adams' paperweights were much smaller, measuring 3" to 4" in length. This example is much more rare, measuring 10" in length, 4" in width and standing 3" tall at the crown of the head. His work is chronicled in detail in "Martha's Vineyard Decoys" by Stanley Murphy.

Price: $450.00

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M215: Early Carved Quail Family on Tree Fungus

Rare and early carved family of quail, including 2 adults and 3 chicks with wire legs, mounted on inverted shelf fungi, by an unidentified Michigan carver, circa 1900. This carving is pictured in full color on page 289 of Linda and Gene Kangas' excellent new book, "Great Lake Decoy Interpretations". Each bird has early "hat pin" black glass eyes, rasped feather texture and carved wings. On the two adults, even the primaries are separately carved. Structurally excellent, the delicate carving details and fine original feather paint are of the highest quality. The paint shows very minor wear with some light flaking. The tip of the bill of the chick to the right is very slightly blunted. Each adult measures approximately 6" in length while the chicks are each approximately 4" long. The overall piece, including the custom-made stand, is 16" long x 9" high x 6" deep. SOLD

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D0721: Fred Allen Bluebill Drake Decoy

A well-proportioned and rare hollow-bodied bluebill drake attributed to Fred Allen (1838 - 1912), Monmouth, Illinois, circa 4th quarter of the 19th century. The decoy is in original paint with good patina and combed paint on the back, showing moderate flaking and wear. These decoys are fitted with a gasket to prevent leakage at the body seam. Measuring approximately 12" in length, 6" in width and 6.5" in height, it is structurally excellent with no cracks or breaks and a tight body seam. The left eye is cracked but intact. The decoy's lead weight has notches, perhaps purposeful, on each end, two on one and five on the other, designating the number "25" perhaps. The bird was formerly in the collection of Joe French, with his collection number (152) on the bottom. Information from Joe French's written records, as provided by Joe Tonelli, show that French purchased this decoy on 6/24/55 from Frank Eckard of Putnam, IL. Eckard was caretaker for the big Sanachine Gun Club. Controversy surrounds the identification of the carver of these fine birds. A solid majority of them were originally found in southwest Minnesota, leading many to speculate that they are the work of either John Tax or john Tax, Sr. Where the identification of Allen as the carver originated is unknown; however, no mention of him having made or sold decoys can be found in any of the printed ads for his products. Allen, a frequent advertiser in sporting publications in the late 1800s, was perhaps best known for his patented bow-facing oars and duck calls. His work, some of the earliest documented from the Illinois River region, is chronicled in numerous decoy books and publications, including Decoys and Decoy Carvers of Illinois by Parmalee and Loomis.

Price: $2995.00

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M246: Wilmer Reinbold Miniature Flying Wood Duck

Near-mint flying miniature wood duck drake by George Wilmer Reinbold (1885 - 1946), Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, circa 1940. Both the carving and original paint are expertly detailed and beautifully accomplished with the latter exhibiting a mellow patina. There is a tiny chip on one edge of the bill and a tiny chip to the lead tip of the left wing. The duck has an approximate wingspan of 9.75", measures 7.5" bill to tail and is marked "Wood Duck" and signed "Reinbold” on the back of the lower wing. There is a thin wire hanger on the back for mounting the carving on a wall. Wilmer’s work was represented in the most popular and well known outdoor outfitters, wildlife-themed gift shops, and galleries of the day, notably Richard Stockton’s Shop in Bryn Mawr, PA, Caldwell's in Philadelphia, and Crossroads of Sport and Abercrombie & Fitch in New York City. It is highly regarded and much sought after today. Wilmer was the father of noted carver Bill Reinbold of Chestertown, Maryland. SOLD

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M240: Miniature Pintail Drake Decoy

Folky miniature carving of a pintail drake attributed to the Sterling family of Crisfield, Maryland, circa 2nd quarter of the 20th century. The carving, in excellent structural condition, exhibits bold, stylized original paint and raised wing tips. There is some printing on the base, including "...ling". The duck itself measures 4.25" in length and stands 4" tall, including the base. SOLD

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D0650: Feeding Canada Goose Decoy

Excellent solid-bodied feeding Canada goose decoy in original condition by an unknown mid-Atlantic region carver, circa 1950. There is light wear to the detailed feather paint, a tight age split in the top of the bill, another in the back and a larger split in the bottom, extending over to the left side of the bird. It is carved in a most unusual and animated feeding or reaching position. Never rigged, it appears to be a floater, but could have been intended as a field decoy. The decoy measures approximately 25.5" in overall length. SOLD

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