N007: Vintage Bluebill Decoy Patterns, Rochester, New York, Circa 1960s

Group of bluebill decoy patterns, heads and castings consisting of twelve pieces. The cast metal heads are quite detailed, even showing rasping for texture, immediately bringing to mind the work of Ken Anger of Dunnville, Ontario. Included are 5 hardboard body section patterns for a laminated full-sized body, a head pattern for that body, a carved wood head made from that pattern (2 halves glued together), a carved wood half-head from that pattern, two cast metal half-heads (one has a Plaster of Paris bill makeover) and two hardboard routed patterns of the same head. These are part of a larger group by an unknown maker that I purchased a number of years ago from an estate in Rochester. Several of the patterns, not included in this listing, were made from a 1968 calender from Brace-Mueller-Huntley, Inc., of Rochester, Syracuse and Albany, New York. The calendar indicates that the industrial company worked with aluminum, brass and plastic, although in what capacity I have not been able to determine. I surmise that the maker of these patterns very possibly worked for B-M-H in some capacity, perhaps as a pattern-maker. The complete 125-pieces group includes miniature, half-scale and full-scale patterns of over a dozen species of waterfowl and shorebirds as well as a number of both carved and cast (Plaster of Paris and metal) heads. Although the maker is currently unknown, the number and quality of the pieces surely point to a highly skilled craftsman with a relatively high volume of work. He appears to have made both decorative carvings and working decoys and may have made half or full-bodied figures or plaques, cast or molded from plastic or metal. These patterns are a piece of history that deserve preservation and recognition.

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M249: Frank Adams Miniature Mallard Drake Decoy Paperweight

Large size mallard drake decoy paperweight by Edward Francis "Frank" Adams (1871 - 1944) of West Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA, circa 1930s. The carving retains Adams' full paper label on the bottom which reads, "E. Frank Adams, Duck Paperweights, Marine Vanes, West Tisbury, Mass". There has been a professional repair to a break in the neck with touch up to that area. Other than a small area of flaking at the tip of the tail, the original paint is in excellent condition with soft feather painting. A favorite with folk art collectors, most of Adams' paperweights were much smaller, measuring 3" to 4" in length. This example is much more rare, measuring 10" in length, 4" in width and standing 3" tall at the crown of the head. His work is chronicled in detail in "Martha's Vineyard Decoys" by Stanley Murphy.

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