M342: Carved Robin Pair with Hatchlings, Circa Mid-20th C.

Very well done pair of adult robins with two chicks, mounted on an appealing and richly-colored stump remnant. From northern Minnesota circa mid-20th century, the identity of the carver is unknown. All four birds are carved life size with incised primaries, fluted tails and carved and painted eyes. The paint is completely original and accurately hued. The piece, measuring about 24" in width, 12.5" in height and 11" in depth, is in excellent structural condition except for almost imperceptible tight crack in the bill of the uppermost adult and missing wire toes on one foot of the lower adult. SOLD

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D0801: Early Wood Pigeon Decoy, Yorkshire, UK. Circa Late 1800s

One of the finest wood pigeon decoys I have seen to date, second only to the best of those by Trulock and Harriss. A solid-bodied decoy with applied wings, raised wing tips and a full, protruding breast, it shares many characteristics with the carvings attributed to Robert Lange and Robert Sainz (See http://www.woodpigeondecoys.com/), both from Yorkshire, characteristics that seem to be common to that area. However, there are just enough differences to make me believe that it was made in the late 1800s to early 1900s by a third carver from that area. The incisions on the wings and form of the flared and fluted tail as opposed to the tapered tails most often seen in decoys from this area are unique while the shapes of the head, bill and full body are not. The decoy, measuring 13" in length, is in near mint original condition with an incredibly deep patina. Stand included. SOLD SOLD

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D0800: Preening Chesapeake Bay Widgeon Drake

Solid-bodied preening widgeon drake in fall (eclipse) plumage by an unknown Chesapeake Bay carver, circa early 2nd quarter, 20th century. In excellent original condition with a rich patina, the decoy has been rigged but has seen little if any use. Measuring 12" from tail to breast, 5 1/2" in width and 7" in height, it has painted eyes and a very nice stylized paint pattern. There are several small paint rubs on the sides, breast and tail tip. SOLD

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M336: Leo McIntosh Model 1880 Yellowlegs Decoy

Fine carving of a yellowlegs featuring a hinged body with a hollowed storage compartment for the removable head by Leo H. McIntosh, Jr. (1953 - 2007), Stony Creek Decoys, Woodville, New York, dated 1986. Inspired by a similar carving from Adele Earnest's collection (Plate 94, The Art of the Decoy), Leo called this his 1880 model. Recognized as one of America's best contemporary carvers before his untimely death, Leo apprenticed with Ken Harris for five years before founding Stony Creek Decoys. According to his wife, Leo made only 2 or 3 of this model, and they are quite valuable. Signed "1880 yellowlegs, Stony Creek Decoys by Leo H. McIntosh, Woodville, NY, '86". There has been an excellent a professional bill repair by Russ Allen (see last photo). SOLD

Price: $1495.00

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D0796: Early George Boyd Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy

Excellent "beetlehead" yellowlegs by George Boyd (1873-1941), a shoemaker from Seabrook, New Hampshire, circa early 1900s. This decoy retains its original upturned bill and is in meticulous original stippled paint with shoe button eyes and a nicely rounded body. There are several small rubs to the paint and the typical tight crack in the slender neck. Boyd inserted a dowel through the neck from the head into the body of his yellowlegs to stabilize and offset this tendancy. Boyd's shorebirds are widely recognized as being among the best ever crafted. SOLD

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D0795: Jim Mense Redhead Hen, 1977

Exceptional redhead hen in mint condition by Dr. James B. "Jim" Mense, Lansing, Michigan, 1977. Born in Chicago in 1942, Mense began carving shortly after taking a position with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in Lansing in the mid-1960s where The Midwest Decoy Contest (later changed to the North American Wildfowl Carving Championships) and his association with Dr. Miles D. Pirnie and two nationally recognized carvers, Jim Foote and Larry Hayden, served as his inspiration. Since, he has won over 100 awards, including 6 best of shows, in major competitions including the Ward World Championships. Dr. Mense now lives and carves in Meeker, Colorado. This particular decoy, measuring 13" in length, 6.25" in width and 6.5" in height, is expertly carved, detailed and painted. It is hollow with glass eyes, detailed bill carving, fluted tail and raised and crossed wingtips. Her head is turned about 15 degrees to the left. The carving is in original condition with no repairs or touch up and is signed and dated "James Mense 1977" on the bottom. Two labels on the base indicate that this decoy took third place (in species?) in the Professional Division of the Midwest Decoy Contest. It's hard to imagine a more lifelike carving! SOLD

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D0768: Mint Rick Brown Sleeping Canada Goose Decoy

Beautiful full-size Canada goose decoy in a sleeping or preening pose by Fredrick C. "Rick" Brown, Brick Township, NJ. It is hand-carved in the traditional Delaware River style from air-dried Jersey white cedar with superb mint paint, detailed bill carving, raised primaries, fluted tail, hollow body, high quality glass eyes, lead pad weight and leather thong. The decoy is signed and dated 2015. It measures approximately 20.5" in length, 8" in width, 9" in height and and bears Rick's personal copper ID tag. Rick was the founder and owner of Barnegat Bay Decoys which he started on the old Wildfowler Decoy Company site in the 70s. Though the company closed it's doors more than two decades ago, Rick continues to hand carve the competition quality decoys that have earned him hundreds of ribbons for more than a quarter of a century. His decoys are highly collectible and very much sought after. SOLD

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M331: Leo McIntosh Solitary Sandpiper, Signed, 1986

Decorative solitary sandpiper decoy carving by Leo H. McIntosh, Jr. (1953 - 2007), Stony Creek Decoys, Woodville, New York, dated 1986. Recognized as one of the best contemporary decoy carvers before his untimely death, Leo apprenticed with Ken Harris for five years before founding Stony Creek Decoys. This handsome solid-bodied shorebird measures about over 6" from bill to tail. Other than touch up to an imperceptible professional bill repair by Russ Allen, it is in near-mint and highly detailed feather paint with glass eyes. The bird has incised and slightly raised primaries with deeply carved shoulders and wing edges. The included base reads, "Solitary Sandpiper, Stony Creek Decoys by Leo H. McIntosh, Jr., '86". Stand included. SOLD

Price: $750.00

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