M081: Walter L. Steward Oil on Board

Early original oil on board of two brook trout hanging on a white birch tree, signed "W. L. Steward", and dated 1901. Image size approximately 12" x 6". Framed in original 15" x 21" dark oak frame with gold-leafed trim. Some cracking to the paint in the upper portion of the painting; a couple of very small areas of in painting where the paint has cracked. Steward was from Munson, Maine.

Price: $2950.00

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D0711: Virginia Eastern Shore Curlew Decoy

Rare fat-bodied painted-eye Hudsonian curlew (whimbrel) decoy from Virginia's Eastern Shore, circa 1880, worn to bare wood and measuring roughly 12 1/2" in length. The decoy has the carved raised wings often associated with some of the decoys from the superlative William Matthews rig (Chincoteague, VA) and from the famous shorebirds of Cobb Island, although the wing carving on this decoy is deeper and more exaggerated than often seen. The tail is also more prominent, in something of a small paddle shape with a ridge down the top center. The small right lobe of the tail and the tip of the wings have been broken off. The base of the bill where it enters the head appears to be original; however, the last 3" of the bill is a very well done old replacement. There also appears to be a small amount of old filler on each side of the neck at the base where several small chips were repaired. Nonetheless, this is a fine and extremely desirable old gunning bird from an area rich in hunting tradition. Stand not included. SOLD

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M235: M. Bland Miniature Pheasant Carving

Excellent cock pheasant by M. Bland, Springfield, Illinois, circa 1960s. The bird is in fine, bold original paint with virtually no wear. The intricate feather paint has darkened somewhat with age and displays a nice patina. At some point, a hardly noticeable chip was broken from the tip of the bill and glued back in place. The bird's head is turned about 45 degrees to the left. Its body and head are tilted slightly over and down as if the peasant is looking at something on the ground. The carving is mounted on a section of birch branch. There is a tag on the bottom of the base that reads, "Cock Pheasant, $2.50. M. Bland 62720". The latter number is the zip code for Springfield. The carving measures 9" in length and stands 6.75" high, including the base. SOLD

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D0673: Ruddy Turnstone Decoy

Early and rare ruddy turnstone by an unknown carver from the south shore region of New Jersey, circa 4th quarter, 19th century. The decoy, measuring only 8 1/2" in length, is in old but strong repaint in the spring or breeding plumage. It's bill may be replaced, and there is a repair to a knothole in the breast. A rigmate to this bird is pictured in American Bird Decoys by William Mackey (Plate 26, page 47). If you'll compare the two, you'll see that they are unquestionably by the same hand and painted at the same time. As Mackey's book was published in 1965, the repaint is obviously earlier than that. According to Mackey, ruddy turnstone decoys are "decidedly rare. Almost all those known in collections today originated along the lower half of the Jersey Coast". This decoy was formerly in the important collections of Mackey, Mort Hanson and Lloyd Johnson. Other examples were found in the hallmark collections of Dr. Jim McCleery and John Hillman. Stand not included. SOLD

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D0687: Elmer Crowell Goldeneye Drake Decoy

Fine goldeneye drake decoy that has never been rigged, by Anthony Elmer Crowell of East Harwich, Massachusetts, circa first quarter, 20th century. Its head is turned slightly to the left and is nicely rasped at the back. The decoy bears Crowell's crisp oval brand on the underside and is in original paint with good patina and minor wear. There are several spots of minor touch up on its lower right side and a slight roughness to the edges of the bill. The bird measures 14" in length, 7" in width and 6.5" in height. Crowell is acknowledged as one of the finest decoy carvers ever. An example of his work belongs in every collection! SALE PENDING

Price: $8950.00

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D0643: Golden Plover Decoy

Golden plover shorebird decoy by an unknown carver from Nantucket, Massachusetts, circa 4th quarter, 19th century. The solid-bodied bird with large tack eyes is in a mixture of original paint and old working repaint. The old bill is damaged with roughly 1/4" of its tip missing. There is some age splitting to its right side as well as a small chip and some wear to the tip of its tail. The bird has the letter "H" carved in its bottom and has been lightly hit by shot. It measures 9" in length. Stand not included. SOLD

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M228: Lloyd Sterling Miniature Widgeon Drake Decoy

Miniature glass-eyed widgeon drake decoy by Lloyd Sterling, Crisfield, Maryland, circa 1950. The carving has bold original paint showing nice age with light wear on edges of bill. It measures 6.5" in length and is 3.25" high. Among Crisfield's early carvers, Lloyd was second only to his contemporaries, the Ward Brothers. His widgeon, teal and pintails are especially prized. SOLD

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D0560/D0561: Pair of Quebec Goldeneye Decoys

Exceptional pair of solid-bodied goldeneye decoys from Quebec, probably the Valleyfield area, circa 2nd quarter, 20th century. Both have tack eyes, slightly turned heads and detailed wing and tail feather carving. In original paint with nice patinas and light wear, both decoys are structurally strong except for two cracks in the neck of the drake. Slightly oversized, each bird measures 16" in length, 6.5" in width and 7.5" in height. SOLD

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