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D0873: Francis Rolph Wood Pigeon Decoy, Circa Early 1Q, 20C

Excellent English wood pigeon decoy attributed to Francis Rolph of Lakenheath, Suffolk, United Kingdom, circa 1900 - 1910. He was the area's largest dealer in all manner of birds and game. After inquiries from customers, he began making decoys as early as 1880, concentrating on pigeon decoys. The body is somewhat rectangular in cross section, reflecting the exclusive use of hand tools in the making of his decoys. Perhaps the nicest example I've seen by this carver, it is lightly used with a pleasing patina. A stylish carving with a separately carved head and glass eyes, it measures 12.75" in length, 3" in width and is almost 4" in depth at the breast. The decoy is somewhat shorter in length than most of Rolph's birds and has a smoothly carved body, lacking the carved wing edges and shoulders normally found on his work, yet it has a noticeably fuller breast. Except for touch-up to and around the bill, which is an excellent and accurate professional replacement, the decoy is in strong original paint depicting the species' fall plumage. Francis was the father of James Rolph, himself a decoy maker, and father-in-law of William Jaggard, another carver, who joined the family business in the early 1930s. James Rolph's decoys are quite similar to those of his father except that the heads are carved as part of the body rather than separately. Stand included. SOLD

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D0871: George Harvey Jersey Coast Scaup Drake Decoy, Circa 1900

Rare early (circa 1900) Jersey Coast hollow-bodied glass-eyed scaup drake in a mixture of original paint, working overpaint and a protective clear coat by George Harvey of Rumson, New Jersey. "Geo. Harvey, Rumson, N.J., 1900" is inscribed on the bottom in black ink along with a museum's inventory number and rubber stamp (a large capital "C", encircling the "M" of "Museum" and an illegible word). The decoy measures 14" in length and 6" in height, There is a 4" x 2" oblong lead pad weight nailed to the bottom. The bill has a tight crack but is stable. SOLD

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D0868: Early Gene Hendrickson Broadbill Drake, Circa 1930

Early-style, circa 1930, hollow-bodied tack-eyed broadbill drake in original paint by Joseph Eugene "Gene" Hendrickson (1896-1971), Northfield, New Jersey. This decoy was Guyette & Schmidt's lot #128 in their July 2000 auction. According to the catalogue it was purchased by D.R. Gascoyne from Smith's Tavern in 1938. Written on bottom: "From Smith's Tavern, Rt. 9, Absecon, N.J., Dec. 7, 1938. Probably Tuckerton group of decoy makers. Barnegat Bay, N. J., hollow cedar hen (sic), greater scaup-broadbill". Measuring 14" in length and 7.5" in height, it is in strong original paint, protected by a thin coat of varnish. The decoy is flat-backed with a deep, smooth dip to a low tail and has carved nostrils and mandible separations. There is poured inletted weight in the bottom.

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D0866: Exceptional Hollow Gadwall Drake Decoy Circa 1960s

Outstanding hollow glass-eyed gadwall drake circa early to mid-1960s. Expertly made with carved musculature, primaries, secondaries and a fluted tail, it has incredible feather paint with expert vermiculation and detailed bill carving. The decoy measures 15" in length, just under 7" in width and stands 7" tall at the head which is turned slightly to the left. It is in near-mint original condition with only a tiny paint chip on the right edge of the bill and no repairs. While who made this fine decoy may be open for debate, there is no questioning the either his skills or familiarity with the anatomy of waterfowl. It was most likely made as an entry to one of the major decoy carving contests of its era such as the International Decoy Contest, the U. S. National Decoy Contest or the Canadian National Decoy Makers' Contest. Bob Kerr and John Garton of Smith Falls, Ontario; Al Glassford of Scarboro, Ontario and Ed de Navarre of Detroit, Michigan, have all been suggested by knowledgeable collectors as possible makers of this exceptional decoy. Unfortunately, because of possible bias in judging these decoys, the carvers were not allowed to sign or otherwise mark their works in any manner.

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M359: Leo McIntosh Green-Winged Teal Hen, Circa 1990

Very nice glass-eyed green-winged teal hen by Leo H. McIntosh, Jr. (1953-2007), Stony Creek Decoys, Woodville, New York, circa 1990. Recognized as one of the best contemporary decoy carvers before his untimely death, Leo apprenticed with Ken Harris for five years before founding Stony Creek Decoys. The decoy is in mint condition other than a tight crack in the neck. With its head turned about 10 degrees to the right, it is in detailed feather paint. Measuring 11 1/2” in length and standing 5 1/4” high at the head, “L. H. McIntosh, Maker, Woodville, N. Y.” is carved in the bottom in a pattern similar to Crowell’s oval brand. SOLD

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M358: Ernie Muehlmatt Screech Owl Signed and Dated 1972

Beautiful 6 1/2” high screech owl by Ernie Muehlmatt , Salisbury, Maryland, that is mounted on a branch that looks like it came out of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It’s in mint condition other than some tiny white flecks on the back. The owl has carved and raised wings tips and primaries as well as carved ears and beak. Measuring 17” by 9” including the branch it is mounted on and painted in Ernie’s detailed feather finish, it is identified as a screech owl, signed and dated 4/72 on the bottom. Muehlmatt (1927-2016), three-time Ward World Champion (1979, 1981, 1984), began carving in 1967 and was a master of life-size and miniature decorative wood sculpture, becoming one of the most talented, sought after and popular carvers in wildfowl art. His work can be found in the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, Salisbury, Maryland, and the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin. He is a Member of the Carvers' Hall of Fame and owned and operated Muehlmatt Studios in Salisbury. SOLD

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M360: David Harrington Miniature Green-Winged Teal Decoy Dated 1972

Excellent miniature green-winged teal drake with glass eyes in near-mint orginal condition by David Harrington (1934-1988), Underhill, Vermont. Harrington was a noted decoy historian and talented carver. Known for his beautiful and intricate painting, he carved numerous decoys and over 100 miniatures. This 5" long teal is marked "Green Wing Teal Male, Burlington, VT, 1972" on the bottom. The near-mint paint is quite detailed with a combed back and sides as well as fine feather paint on the wings and tail. It is very well carved with its head turned about 15 degrees to the left along with slightly raised primaries and wing tips. SALE PENDING

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