M200: Ernie Meuhlmatt White-Breasted Nuthatch, Dated 1973

Original carving of a 4-1/2" long white-breasted nuthatch by Ernie Muehlmatt of Salisbury, Maryland, dated 1973. Exceptionally fine original paint with great musculature, wing and feather carving and ultra-realistic painted eyes with catch-light. The carving is in mint condition. There is a small hole drilled in the bottom of the bird, presumably to mount the carving in a stationary position during detailed carving and painting. It can only be seen from behind the assemblage. Designed to hang on a wall, the carving is inscribed in ink on the back, "Carved by E.F. Muehlmatt, nuthatch, 4/73". Muehlmatt (1927-2016), three-time Ward World Champion (1979, 1981, 1984), began carving in 1967 and was a master of life-size and miniature decorative wood sculpture, becoming one of the most talented, sought-after and popular carvers in wildfowl art. His work can be found in the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, Salisbury, Maryland, and the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin. He is a Member of the Carvers' Hall of Fame and owned and operated Muehlmatt Studios in Salisbury. SOLD

Price: $915.00

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M349: Large Art Peltier Ruffed Grouse Diorama, Circa Mid-1950s

Excellent diorama featuring two ruffed grouse by Arthur J. "Art" Peltier, Sr. (1907-1982), of West Warwick, Rhode Island, circa mid-20th century. Peltier, who carved from the 1940s to the 1970s, was recognized for his dioramas of hand-carved songbirds, waterfowl and upland game birds in natural settings with water color backgrounds. In near-mint original condition, this piece measures 14.5" x 12.5" x 3.25" with a 10.25" x 8.25" glass size. The carved grouse each measure about 3" in length. This is the first diorama of this size and style that I have seen by Peltier. The large majority of his work consisted of approximately 7" x 7" flatter dioramas with bubble glass. This is also the first example I've seen featuring ruffed grouse.

Price: $450.00

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M345: Flying Wood Duck Wall Plaque, Circa mid-20th Century

Flying wood duck wall plaque by an unknown maker, mid-20th century. The full-bodied carving (sans most of the left wing by design) is approximately three-quarter scale, measuring 13" in length from bill to tail. It is in vibrant and detailed original polychrome feather paint with light crazing. A most attractive carving!

Price: $295.00

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M066: Mort Fadum Northern Fish Plaque (Northern Pike)

Expertly crafted northern pike (5 pores in underside of jaw - see 7th photo) by Morten "Mort" Fadum, signed and dated 1986 on the back. The pike is 31-1/2" long. Hanging from a rope stringer along with a fishing spear, it is mounted on an antiqued plank background measuring 9-1/2" in width and 38" in length. The pike is in mint condition, carved and finished completely in-the-round, including the backside. Meticulously done, each scale was formed by tapping a box nail so that the head of the nail formed a scale-like indentation. The "tears" in the tail and fin are as-carved, simulating "battle scars", if you will. Mort lived in Fox Grove, Illinois, and at one time carved for Abercrombie and Fitch. He now lives in Colorado Springs.

Price: $1850.00

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M340: Bobwhite Quail by Jim White, Cairo, GA. Dated 1979

Excellent male bobwhite quail by noted carver Jim White (1930-present) of Cairo, GA. Artistic ability obviously runs in the family as Jim is the older brother of Delaware River carver Bob White. The quail, measuring 8.5" from tail tip to bill, is in highly detailed mint original feather paint. It has carved wing outlines with detailed bill carving and a raised top knot. The base is signed and dated 1979. It stands 6.5" tall, including the base. Jim's carving career spanned 35 years from 1965 to 1990.

Price: $385.00

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M325, Joe Ahearn Pheasant Lamp, Circa 1950

Fine cock pheasant lamp by James Joseph "Joe" Ahearn, Stamford, CT, circa 1950. An excellent effort, this roughly one-half scale carving is an unusually large example of Ahearn's work. The pheasant measures 15" in length (tip of bill to tip of tail) and 8-1/2" in height including the birch log it is perched on. It is in excellent structural condition except for a small, almost unnoticeable, piece missing on the outside of the right thigh. The carving is in excellent original condition with highly detailed feather paint, glass eyes and wire legs with lead feet and is mounted on a two-piece wooden base with birch log. The original lamp hardware and shade are included. Because of the age of the components, it should be rewired before use. Ahearn became well-known in the mid-1940's as a carver of miniatures. It is unclear when he began carving them although it is presumed that he started in the late 1930's, if not sooner. While Joe lived in the New York City area where he was a salesman for the National Cash Register Company he was known to have carved miniatures while on the road. At the onset of World War II, he and his wife moved to Stamford, Connecticut. The first documentation of his carvings being offered for sale is in the 1945-46 catalog of the Sporting Gallery and Bookstore in New York City. This catalog featured a wide selection of Ahearn's "functional hunter" and "sportsman oriented" items such as lamps, wall thermometers, letter openers, coat racks, tie racks, pipe racks, book ends and ashtrays in a variety of configurations. It was around this time that he also began offering his miniature carvings of waterfowl and upland game birds. One of the first and certainly the most important retailer to carry his carvings was the Crossroads of Sport store in New York City. They were enjoying a huge demand for A. J. King's miniatures and were more than eager to complement his products with another carver's work. Ahearn is featured in "Birds in Wood and Paint" by Joe Ellis. In July 2013, Copley Fine Art Auctions sold a flying grouse lamp (Lot 71) with two smaller (6" long) woodcocks for $2530.00.

Price: $895.00

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M324: Alain MacDonald Quebec Decoy Plaques

Pair of wall plaques featuring glass-eyed, half-bodied, chip-carved canvasback drake and bluebill drake decoys by Alain de Lotbiniere (Bebe) MacDonald (1886-1961), circa 2nd quarter, 20th century. MacDonald was from Rigaud in southwestern Quebec, near Montreal. He is recognized as an important Quebec artist and carver, not only for the quantity and quality of his work, but also for his influence on other craftsmen. After serving in the Canadian army during WWI, Bebe worked for Robin Last Shoe Factory before opening studios in Rigaud and Montreal. He made fine and highly sought-after decoys as well as his folk art wall plaques and was known for his meticulous decoy heads and precision in painting, both of which characteristics are on display in these plaques. Each plaque is set in a shadowbox-style frame measuring 10" x 9" overall. Both birds are approximately 8" in length and 4-1/4" high at the head. There is light wear to the paint on the shadowbox frames as well as some age-spotting on the backgrounds of each plaque. The bluebill is signed A. de L. MacDonald. Each plaque is labeled on the back as to species, gender and plumage phase.

Price: $795.00

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M299: Miniature Chief Cuffee Mallard Decoy

Miniature drake mallard duck decoy by Eugene "Chief" Cuffee (1866-1941), Southampton, Long Island, New York. Cuffee was born on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation and lived there his entire life. He was a guide for well-to-do hunters visiting the area, a carver of both working decoys and decoratives and a sought-after trainer of upland bird dogs. During slow times, he augmented his income by painting houses. This carving is circa 1920's and measures approximately 8-1/2" from the tip of the bill to the end of the tail and stand 4-3/4" high. It is solid-bodied and exhibits Cuffee's trademark carved raised wingtips, one of which is missing a small chip at the end. The bird has painted tack eyes, each with a painted white "catch-light" and is in excellent original paint with minor wear except for a small area of touch-up around a professional repair to a tight crack in the neck.

Price: $395.00

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