M354: Philippe Sirois Ruffed Grouse

Rare standing ruffed grouse by Philippe Sirois (1893-1980), Arrowsic, Maine, circa 3rd quarter 20th century. Full-size (17" long) folk carving of a standing grouse mounted on a 25" long cedar log base base. The carving has incised wings and exhibits highly detailed feather paint. The piece is in original paint with touchup to minor flaking at the neck seam and the topknot is a well-done and accurate professional replacement. Of French-Canadian heritage, Sirois was born along the St. Lawrence River in Canada. One of seventeen children, his family moved to Maine around 1899. With virtually no schooling, the illiterate Sirois held various jobs in the textile and pulp industries, spending his spare time outdoors, fishing virtually every body of water Maine had to offer. Employing a basic system of brush strokes visible as dots, stripes, blends and washes, Sirois applied layer upon layer of rich color to help produce the look of a live bird.

Price: $1100.00

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M353: Joe Klein Cock Ruffed Grouse, Circa 1950s

Excellent cock ruffed grouse carved in half-scale by Leo J. "Joe" Klein, Wilcox, PA, circa 1950s. Klein was known for his elaborately carved and painted ducks, turkeys, woodcocks and other upland game birds. This carved grouse has relief-carved wings, feet and eyes. The original feather paint is intricately detailed and boldly applied. The bird measures almost 10" in length, stands 6.5" high (exclusive of the base) and is 4" wide. The carving is in mint condition other than for a tiny paint chip to the very tip of the bill. A partial sticker from the souvenir shop at East Branch Dam in Elk River State Park just east of Wilcox where Klein sold some of his work remains on the base.

Price: $475.00

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M255: Wilmer Reinbold Flying Green-Winged Teal Drake

STOLEN at MDCA annual show, St. Charles, IL, April 2018. Please contact me with any information concerning this carving.

Price: $775.00

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M198: Ernie Muehlmatt Tree Swallow, Circa 1974

Original carving of a full-sized (5 1/2") tree swallow by Ernie Muehlmatt of Salisbury, Maryland, circa 1974. Exceptionally fine original paint with great musculature, wing and feather carving and ultra-realistic painted eyes. The carving is in mint condition except for a small chip to the gesso at the bottom of the bird's right thigh. Designed to hang on a wall, the carving is inscribed in ink on the back, "By E.F. Muehlmatt, Tree Swallow, 5/74". Muehlmatt (1927-2016), three-time Ward World Champion (1979, 1981, 1984), began carving in 1967 and was a master of life-size and miniature decorative wood sculpture, becoming one of the most talented, sought after and popular carvers in wildfowl art. His work can be found in the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, Salisbury, Maryland, and the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin. He is a Member of the Carvers' Hall of Fame and owned and operated Muehlmatt Studios in Salisbury.

Price: $975.00

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M350: Old Saybrook Wildfowler Mallard Decoy Bookends

Pair of mallard bookends by Wildfowler Decoys of Old Saybrook, CT, circa early 1940s. Beautifully carved full-sized heads and breasts (7" high) of a mallard drake and hen mounted on weighted walnut bases with felt backs and bottoms, exhibiting finely-cut nail, mandible and face separations. The hen is in original condition with light paint flaking on the crown of the head and on the bill. The drake is likewise in original paint except that the grey-green area of the shoulder on the left side of the carving has been touched up. There is also light wear to the front edge of the drake's bill.

Price: $195.00

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M349: Large Art Peltier Ruffed Grouse Diorama, Circa Mid-1950s

Excellent diorama featuring two ruffed grouse by Arthur J. "Art" Peltier, Sr. (1907-1982), of West Warwick, Rhode Island, circa mid-20th century. Peltier, who carved from the 1940s to the 1970s, was recognized for his dioramas of hand-carved songbirds, waterfowl and upland game birds in natural settings with water color backgrounds. In near-mint original condition, this piece measures 14.5" x 12.5" x 3.25" with a 10.25" x 8.25" glass size. The carved grouse each measure about 3" in length. This is the first diorama of this size and style that I have seen by Peltier. The large majority of his work consisted of approximately 7" x 7" flatter dioramas with bubble glass. This is also the first example I've seen featuring ruffed grouse.

Price: $395.00

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M345: Flying Wood Duck Wall Plaque, Circa mid-20th Century

Flying wood duck wall plaque by an unknown maker, mid-20th century. The full-bodied carving (sans most of the left wing by design) is approximately three-quarter scale, measuring 13" in length from bill to tail. It is in vibrant and detailed original polychrome feather paint with light crazing. A most attractive carving!

Price: $235.00

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M066: Mort Fadum Northern Fish Plaque (Northern Pike)

Expertly crafted northern pike (5 pores in underside of jaw - see 7th photo) by Morten "Mort" Fadum, signed and dated 1986 on the back. The pike is 31-1/2" long. Hanging from a rope stringer along with a fishing spear, it is mounted on an antiqued plank background measuring 9-1/2" in width and 38" in length. The pike is in mint condition, carved and finished completely in-the-round, including the backside. Meticulously done, each scale was formed by tapping a box nail so that the head of the nail formed a scale-like indentation. The "tears" in the tail and fin are as-carved, simulating "battle scars", if you will. Mort lived in Fox Grove, Illinois, and at one time carved for Abercrombie and Fitch. He now lives in Colorado Springs.

Price: $1850.00

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